What's s/ash?

/ 5G Telecommunication Brand

/ Mobile Game KOL

/ Travel Expert

s/ash, Hong Kong 5G SIM card, also an essential travel SIM card, allows you roam abroad without switching Mainland China and Japan SIM card or other SIM cards. Supported by China Mobile CMHK's high-quality network, s/ash provides high-speed services while offering the most affordable service plan.
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s/ash utilizes the high-quality internet service provided by China Mobile CMHK'S 5G network. s/ash offers the most affordable SIM cards、best deals for students service plan and MyLink Points. Customers can redeem MyLink points to discounted flights ticket offers, supermarket coupons, electronic products, beauty products, and more.
  • Entertainment & Sociality ∞

    【Unlimited Data Usage】5G data for 15 APPs !

    The L Plan free you "Unlimited Entertainment & Social Data Package" (value: $38/month)
    ‧ Unlimited data usage on 15 APPs including Youtube, Netflix, and Instagram.

  • Traveling Out

    【Roaming Service】No need to siwtch SIM cards. Ready to use immediately when landing!

    ‧ Mainland China/ Macau
    All 3 Plans come with free roaming data for Mainland China and Macau
    ‧ 160+ regions including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States

    Purchase GO!Pass roaming data on the MyLink APP! Start your trip any time you want

  • Gameplay

    【Carefree gameplay at your leisure】Top up in the game whenever you feel like it.

    Designated popular mobile games: ‧ ‧ Unlimited data usage when playing
    ‧ 10% Google Play Rebate on in-game top-ups

    Enjoy your chill gameplay
  • /Brand

    slash" The new attitude
  • Nowadays, we embrace the identity of "slashers," using the "/" to represent the different roles we play simultaneously in society. We no longer define ourselves by a single identity. We even create multiple accounts on social platforms to showcase the diverse facets of our lives. In the morning, I'm an office lady, and at night, I can be a yoga instructor. I'm a student, and at the same time, I can also be an online store owner.

  • The new lifestyle of "s/asher" represents the desire of us young people to showcase our unique personalities and attitudes. We aspire to pursue what we want to do based on our interests and potentials. "s/asher" is not just an identity, but it also embodies an attitude that goes beyond just a label!

  • "s/ash" Speedy. Boundless. Live life your way

    "s/ash" - a telecommunication and lifestyle brand tailored for the youth, infuses today's s/ash attitudes into brand essence. Using the "/" symbol, it connects you to a fresh identity, redefining communication services as a brand and bringing you refined lifestyle privileges. We:

    Delivering speed and everyday convenience through the highest-quality 5G communication network
    Offering the most tasteful lifestyle privileges to expand your horizons and perspectives
    Help you connect with the world, share daily life, pursue ideals, and truly embody the spirit of s/ash

  • Service plan

    3 Simple plans with 12 months short contract. Appy online with full self-service option. There's always a plan that suits you the best!
    - Fee-FREE for all -
    3 months service fee waiver for customers of all ages
    18-29 years old youth get an additional 2 months free! A total of 6 months service fee-wavier!
    - Boosted Rewards
    Free Mainland China and Macau roaming data
    Free $18/month admin fee
    Best Price
    Original Price: $168
    + Unlimited Thereafter data at 1Mbps
    Free 2GB roaming data in Mainland China and Macau+
    • Age 18-29: 5-mths service fee wavier*(avg: $98)
    • Age: 30+: 3-mths service fee wavier* (avg: $126)
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    Learn more
    Highest CP value
    Original Price: $248
    + Unlimited Thereafter data at 5Mbps
    Free 4GB roaming data in Mainland China and Macau+
    • Age 18-29: 5-mths service fee wavier*(avg: $145)
    • Age: 30+: 3-mths service fee wavier* (avg: $186)
    Learn more
    Learn more
    Pick of High Usage
    Original Price: $298
    + Unlimited Thereafter data at 5Mbps
    Free 6GB roaming data in Mainland China and Macau+
    • Unlimited data usage for 15 frequnetly used Apps (Value: $38/month)
    • Age 18-29: 5-mths service fee wavier*(avg: $174)
    • Age: 30+: 3-mths service fee wavier*(avg: $224)
    Learn more
    Learn more

    Service included:

    Unlimited Local Voice
    500 intra SMS
    10 international SMS
    Call forward
    Call waiting
    Conference call
    In/out coming call barring (when overseas)

    Network Testing - How fast is internet browsing with s/ash?

    It takes 32 minutes for the Tsuen Wan Line MTR to travel from Central to Tsuen Wan;
    It takes 3 minutes to make a cup of instant noodles when you're hungry;
    But using s/ash, with the 5G network powered by CMHK
    Downloading an episode of Netflix Korean/American drama in full HD only takes about 30 seconds*!
    Viewing content on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube only takes a moment!
    s/ash supports your every daily moment, filling each second you need with the fastest speed possible.
    Districts in the 99% network coverage is listed:
    - Central and Western District, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay
    - Kwai Tsing District, Tsuen Wan District, Sha Tin District
    - Kwun Tong District, Yau Tsim Mong District, Yuen Long District
    s/ash provides strong support wherever you are, ensuring you stay connected whether you're on campus, in the city, or out in the suburb.
    Network Testing
    s/ash's 5G network were conducted in differents locations in Hong Kong, such as Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, The Wai Shopping Mall, City U and Baptist U HKBU. The test results indicated that s/ash provides fast speed network.
    *Actual network service will be subject to and affected by the service locations, network circumstance, network coverage, hardware, software and other factors.

    Media coverage

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