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What is "Chill Mobile Game" ?What privileges are included?

s/ash will collaborate with various popular mobile games to provide ""Free Data Usage for Designated Game"" and a ""10% rebate on in-game purchases made through designated Android operating systems using Google Play Direct Carrier Billing service (""Purchase Rebate"") to qualified s/ash customers during the contract period! Reminder: Not all games are eligible for free data usage or rebate, please visit the 'Play Games and Chill' webpage for eligible games, the related games will be updated and adjusted from time to time.

What settings do I need to enable for the free data usage service for games? Which games are included in the free data usage service?

"Free Data Usage for Designated Game" will be automatically activated after the contract takes effect, and users do not need to set it up separately."Free Data Usage for Designated Game" mainly covers data generated from downloading upgrade packages and gaming activities, but data generated from unrelated activities such as watching advertisements within the game will not be exempted.

How to obtain rebates on top-up purchases?

If you make in-game purchases while playing the designated games through Google Play Direct Carrier Billing service of s/ash, the corresponding charges will be included in the monthly bill provided to s/ash customers. The bill statement will display as: "Google Carrier Billing Charge" and "Google Carrier Billing Refund".

Why can't I use the bill payment service to top up my account after subscribing to the service?

New customers who do not choose credit card autopay as payment method will have a lower rating and subject to payment limits when using the bill payment service. You can upgrade your rating by enrolling a credit card autopay as payment, or after one month of service. The spending limit will be increased to HKD 300.

If I use an iPhone, am I unable to enjoy the benefits of free data usage for games and the rebate on in-game purchases?

Apple iPhone users can still enjoy the privilege of "Free Data Usage for Designated Game", but are not eligible for "Purchase Rebate"

If I want to request a refund for in-game purchases, how can I do so and will I get my rebate amount back?

All refunds can only be approved and executed by the application developer or Google. s/ash only provides this service as a payment method. If customers request a refund, they must directly contact the relevant developer or Google. All refund requests must be processed in accordance with the Google refund policy at For example, if a customer requests a refund, the corresponding amount will be reimbursed through the Google Play Store rebate item on the monthly statement. For instance, if a customer spends HKD 100 in March and requests a refund a few days later, when he/she receive the monthly statement in April, he/she will see a HKD 100 Google Play Store purchase, HKD 10 deducted for the Google Play Store rebate, and the following refund items: HKD 100 refund from Google Play Store and HKD 10 rebate from Google Play Store, totaling HKD 0 in expenses.

Does browsing advertisements within a game count towards the free data usage service?

"Free Data Usage for Designated Game" is only provided for designated games. When customers play these games, the data usage generated will not be counted towards their service plan's data usage limit. However, data usage generated from activities unrelated to the game, such as watching advertisements, is not included.
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